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Oracle BRM Outsourcing


Are you looking for skilled Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) resources but want to remove the overhead associated with the candidate selection, screening and hiring process? Companies of all sizes struggle with the rising costs of full-time employees. Hidden behind paychecks are less visible costs. By some estimates, employee expenses account for up to 70% of a company’s overall revenue. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Partner with Tylerica Consulting and we will use our expertise to find contractors that meet your desired
expectations and we will complete the complex screening and interview processes to ensure the resources meet your expectations. Your company is still in control and the final hiring decision will be yours.

We will use our networking of preferred resources, contractors and if necessary advertising. Bottom line – as a trusted BRM outsourcing partner we will get you trusted and skilled resources to meet your requirements.
Tylerica Consulting currently has a large pool of BRM professionals with varying levels of experience, rates and diversity within the BRM product.

Remember, your company is still in control of each and every step along the path to hiring – we just use our expertise to bridge the gap of candidate selection and make recommendations for you.
We also handle the contractual terms back to the contractor in terms of the overall compensation package, travel, on-site requirements, start/end terms and conditions – as a preferred partner Tylerica Consulting will complete the entire process and once you’re ready to hire the complete contractual details will be in place.