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About Us


Tylerica Consulting Incorporated is an internet services and products company founded in 2010. The name Tylerica (pronounced : Ty lerica) was chosen representing our kids Tyler and Erica.

Our Team

Ash Rowbottom – Founder & CTO

More than 20 years in IT Software development responsible for setting the overall strategy and evolution of the company. If my career has thought me anything it’s that working together as a team and truly understanding our clients and helping them satisfy a business need is essential to succeeding. Our team works hard to deliver on-time and on-budget ensuring or clients are successful - client success is how we measure our success.

Our team today consists of sales, support, architecture and technology partners that we rely on as necessary.

Company History and Roadmap

The company initially focused on IT outsourcing but in 2012 moved into software development focusing in cloud based applications and website design. In 2013 our team launched the first online booking software for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada called “Tylerica Reservations”. The software allowed small to medium sized accommodators to setup and plug the software into their own website allowing customers to book online. The software was designed and developed to be easy to use and require no training with low monthly fees. Most operators in our province at the time was still using their little black book to take reservations and stood by the phone daily waiting for calls.

In 2015 our company partnered with Expedia in which we developed and launched another booking portal called Adventure and Travel ( Adventure and Travel integrated with Expedia allowed customers to search for and book any accommodation. In addition, allowed our clients of the booking software to have a premium member listing on our website where again customers can find and book.

Late 2015 we’ve decided to rebrand the online booking software ( into Front Desk Booking (/ Rebranding the software was an opportunity for our team to provide more rich functionality that our clients were requesting, as well as additional integration into Expedia for channel manager functions, new look and feel and overall enhanced user experience plus many other features and benefits.

In 2016 and 2017 we will continue to evolve the booking products and continue to create websites and provide hosting for our clients within the accommodation sector and beyond.

Dale Richards - Ontario Sales and Engineering

Dale brings more than 25 years of sales and leadership experience to Tylerica. Dale is an entrepreneur and founder of an IT graphics and Computer Hardware company that he successfully ran for 10 years before selling off and starting a wireless and networking company. Dale has a very large network of associates and is accountable for growth of our internet services and products division centering around new client acquisitions within the web and online booking sectors.